You consistently go to the gym, participate in group high intensity workouts such as crossfit or bootcamp, you’ve sworn off carbs for good because you feel they are detrimental to your goals. Yet you still don’t feel you are building any muscle or seeing any changes. What gives? 


Here are a few reasons why you may not be achieving the goals you set out to hit. 

  1. You don’t consume enough calories, living in a “diet mode” majority of the time.

  2. You are focused on “burning calories’ or being drenched in sweat to think you’ve had a good workout. Instead, turn your focus to chasing strength, the rest will follow.

  3. You think you can build muscle in deficit or negate your muscle building efforts with excessive cardio or insanely high step counts. You don’t eat near enough to support all of your activity.

  4. You don’t progress at the same training program. You are doing random workouts each day and it’s never the same week after week. Muscles need  consistent overload to be pushed to grow.

  5. You don’t push yourself to failure or lift heavy enough. Instead, you simply crank out as many reps like a robot.

  6. You think more is better. Doing 10-12 exercises a day, training 6-7 days a week. Not enough time devoted to rest and recovery.

  7. You don’t get enough sleep. You sacrifice the little sleep you do get so you can wake up and train.

Building muscle is difficult. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row. Most of us are not building muscle in a calorie deficit. Your nutrition must match your training goals. Periodization helps to achieve this, as well as helping to lose fat. Remember, your actions and choices show where your priorities are. So work on defining what is your priority goal, and hold yourself accountable.

Hope that helps!